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  • Gemalto


    Assignments : Codification and analysis of 8 open questions and 5,000 survey statements for yearly satisfaction for all of Gemalto's client companies.

    Objectives : use the range of customer responses to highlight Gemalto's strong points, areas of improvement, and innovation potential, without losing precious time in codification. Reuse automated codification system for 2015 and following years.

  • Groupe Legrand

    Groupe Legrand

    Assignments : Digital ecosystem mapping of fuel insecurity and establishment of e-influence strategy for this agenda.

    Objectives : Understand the subjects that influence Internet user engagement regarding the fuel insecurity agenda. Identify Internet and social media forums of influence regarding relevant discussion points and key influences. Implement strategic influence (contact, negotiation, and follow-up of partnerships). Create intelligent content for performance.

  • Site web Danone

    Site web Danone

    Guidance throughout digital strategy. Implementation of an optimal search engine.



    Assignments : Digital ecosystem mapping and analysis of brand influence.

    Objectives : Analyze digital placement of Total's new pledge. Determine influence of company’s websites on priority targets in addition to the impact and significance of the brand’s message on the web and social media.

  • Spie


    Assignments : (French and English)

    Phase 1 : Analysis of SPIE's current message and establishment of primary communication lines for website revitalization.

    Phase 2 : Digital ecosystem mapping of the New SPIE message and establishment of operational roadmap for website revitalization.

    Objectives : Challenge the current message of SPIE to determine strong future communication lines. Determine semantic relationship with communication lines and create operational roadmap. Optimize editorial production, implement report of previous projects, and establish performance monitoring.



    Assignments : Digital transformation and digital PEM strategy digital ecosystem mapping.

    Objectives : Expand Accenture insights on digital market and transformation. Which digital players are in place, and what subjects provoke demand and supply of the associated content? Creation of an editorial calender for accessible and engaging content, Adwords strategy and Promoted Tweets for performance.

  • ENI


    Assignments: Analysis of digital ecosystem and establishment of operational roadmap in function with current performance of established plans, in addition to marketing recommendation implementation

    Objectives: Define the semantic relationship with ENI businesses and prioritize themes to implement so as to conquer market areas via digital vehicle. Operational roll-out of new content (40 pieces) based on defined roadmap, internal networking, technical audit, and performance monitoring.



    Assignments : Analysis of Point P’s digital ecosystem focusing on the 4 pillars of corporate communication and establishment of a digital content strategy for corporate blog.

    Objectives : Understand and organize the language of the company's target audience (individuals and institutions), create website editorial roadmap for blog performance.

  • SAGE


    Assignments: Sage's current brand concept mapping, establishment of themes to implement, specific benchmarking of economic competitors, and determination of internal cannibalization.

    Objectives: Precisely visualize the stakeholders in place within Sage’s brand concepts and define the appropriate themes to expand this brand messaging. Analyze zones of conflict with economic competitors to determine necessary efforts. Identify areas of internal cannibalization to redefine scope of action for each digital plan.

  • Site web Essilor

    Site web Essilor

    Website revitalization. Key word strategy. Performance monitoring. Implementation of an optimal search engine and a Synomia Website Index.

  • Site web The Media Shaker

    Site web The Media Shaker

    Optimization of website. Analysis of website positioning within its digital ecosystem. Competitor identification. Visibility monitoring

  • BULL


    Assignments: Cloud platform digital ecosystem mapping and establishment of digital content and strategy.

    Objectives : Identification of heavy-traffic areas as well as interest group websites and creation of e-influence roadmap. Creation of intelligent content for performance. Measurement and tracking of editorial actions.

  • Orange live blog

    Orange live blog

    Technical audit of blog. Blog performance and visibility analysis within digital ecosystem. Strategic recommendations for editorial content

  • Site web La Banque Postale

    Site web La Banque Postale

    Semantic audit of website performance. Analysis of strong/weak signals on social media. Identification of content creation and message opportunities.

  • Sites Corporate Veolia FR/EN

    Sites Corporate Veolia FR/EN

    Analysis of the competitive environment of French and English-speaking websites. Competitor content comparison strategies. Audit of Corporate websites’ performance and visibility.

  • Site web EDF

    Site web EDF

    Strategic guidance. Implementation of an optimal search engine. Monthly monitoring of performance.

  • Site Orange Business Services

    Site Orange Business Services

    We studied the most intense conversation subjects amongst the company’s issues, and also provided digital and marketing recommendations.



    Assignments : Web mapping of BBraun’s communication themes for creation of pitch SOW within Company’s new corporate communication strategy.

    Objectives : Pinpoint major themes to create new corporate communication commitment on chat rooms and social media, understand how BBraun Medical product ranges can be introduced, and establish which influencers can be prioritized, using all as a basis for the creation of a pitch SOW for the new 2015-2017 communication strategy.

  • Site web Marie Claire

    Site web Marie Claire

    Semantic audit of digital content visibility. Identification of strong/weak conversation subjects regarding Fashion on social media.

  • Site web Doctissimo

    Site web Doctissimo

    Guidance throughout digital strategy. Implementation of an optimal search engine. Monthly monitoring of performance.

  • Site web Mitsubishi Electric

    Site web Mitsubishi Electric

    Creation of optimal content to enhance website relevance and visibility. Monthly monitoring of performance.



    Assignments : Determine digital strategy and Vivescia’s brand concept regarding website revitalization.

    Objectives : Map fields of Vivescia's brand challenges for semantic analytics, benchmarking, and editorial opportunities. Establish outline view of defined priorities, implement roadmap and associated editorial specifications. Define objectives and organization of home page. Technical platform audit to ensure performance criteria validation. Monthly monitoring of performance and adjustment of roadmap in order to attain voice, traffic, and conversion objectives.

  • Arkopharma


    Assignments : Analysis of forum discussions regarding Arkopharma’s 16 product lines and provision of digital and marketing strategic recommendations. Monitoring of multi-channel market and brand on the web, through forums, and via social media.

    Objective : Organization of priorities of digital measures regarding Arkopharma’s 16 product lines. Recommendations on digital and marketing tactics for primary product lines. Monitoring Brand reputation, products, and competitors to improve marketing and digital teams on insights of latest customer trends.

  • Site web Le parfait

    Site web Le parfait

    Establishment of website's current state of affairs. Analysis of competitive environment and website positioning. Circumvention strategy of dominant stakeholders.



    Assignments : Semantic analytics of former French region Champagne-Ardenne website to determine vehicles of improvement for visibility.

    Objectives : Define priorities for rapid visibility improvement. Accurately pinpoint market stakeholders and adapt digital strategy. Implement necessary indicators for regular monitoring of website performance.



    Assignments : Analysis of digital assets and establishment of digital editorial strategy.

    Objectives : Understand and qualify all available digital assets on the Company’s different websites. Characterize the message of Universcience's targets within the recreational and cultural domain on the web and social media. Establish roadmap of: content to create to increase website visibility on Google, subjects to introduce on the web and through social media, and finally the influencer strategy to implement.

  • Site web de l’AFD

    Site web de l’AFD

    Implementation of an optimal search engine and a Synomia Website Index Smart Links. Strategic guidance.

  • Site web du Conseil Constitutionnel

    Site web du Conseil Constitutionnel

    Implementation of optimal search engine. Optimization of research results for performance.

  • Site web du Conseil d’Etat

    Site web du Conseil d’Etat

    Implementation of an optimal search engine. Optimization of research results for performance.

  • Site web du MINEFI

    Site web du MINEFI

    Management of digital strategy. SEO recommendations. Implementation of an optimal search engine and a Synomia Website Index

  • Conversationnel



  • Do You Dream Up

    Do You Dream Up


  • TBWA



  • Word Appeal

    Word Appeal


  • McCann



  • Verbe



  • Digitas



  • Makheia



  • Navigauteurs



  • Publicis Lyon

    Publicis Lyon


  • Publicis




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