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Simply accompany you in your decision-making by making data smart

Data-driven decision-making

Today, decision-makers like you cannot pass up insights obtained from gathered customer and market data, which provide a great amount of resources to orient your strategy. However, you and your team can pass up the time and energy required to structure and organize these insights.

By understanding this need and challenge, we have made it our mission to ensure that data exploitation to draw insights becomes for you both convenient and second-nature. So that you may focus on the essential: decision-making and implementation of efficient and performance-focused actions.

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Synomia’s Consulting and guidance provides you with the opportunity to draw insights, knowledge-jump, and make objective and instantaneous decisions, while uniting internal relations.

Developed and improved by its Data Strategists throughout hundreds of missions, Synomia's decision support methodology is customized to your department's / company’s size, complexity, and needs.

Regardless of whether you are a middle-market company or large corporation, we provide you with, in a span of 6 weeks, all the elements of knowledge essential to make good strategic decisions and establish an effective operational roll-out.

Best decisions, for everyone

Thanks to smart data, our decision support methodology is adapted to the needs of all decision-makers. Find out how you can also facilitate and rationalize your decision-making process:

Digital business


Marketing & studies

Customer experience and relations



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Integrate a data-driven approach to facilitate and optimize decision-making during key moments.

With Synomia :

  • Characterize your employer brand
  • Find out the best business semantics to improve recruitment
  • Create social climate evaluation scales
  • Support change management
  • Define HRMS references

Customer experience & relations

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Reconcile customer feedback with the company’s business challenges through all channels and without limit.

With Synomia :

  • Thoroughly strengthen customer input:
  • Reconcile customer experience with the company’s business challenges.
  • Move from customer raw input to action without losing information
  • Make internal data finally actionable
  • Define or enhance customer journeys
  • Define target audience life moments
  • Manage satisfaction year-long
  • Clarify NPS
Thanks to Synomia, we were able to make millions of statements actionable, of which we had collected via a social monitoring tool. Thanks to Synomia's team and technology, we were able to develop and reinforce our planning for customer journey improvement.
Nicolas Gilot
Web 2.0 Head of projects, Orange

Marketing & studies

prise de décision marketing

Exceed your projections through complete understanding of the demand:

With Synomia :

  • Find purchasing motivations and obstacles
  • Simply align quality and quantity for your digital marketing
  • Identify customer profiles and improve customer experience
  • Discover new paths of innovative marketing
Thanks to its qualitative approach based on a detailed analysis of semantic fields to implement or develop, Synomia's comprehensive and unique methodology allows us to transform our website into a powerful tool for business services. The highly-trusted teams’ responsiveness and involvement demonstrates their ability to achieve from the very beginning all fixed objectives.
Camille Marchica
Marketing & Communications director, Delta Neu

Digital business

prise de décision business digital

Align your market’s supply and demand through Synomia's data-driven approach:

With Synomia :

  • Find profitable niches
  • Prepare and manage your digital transformation
  • Optimize mix media / digital marketing
  • Promote your offer via digital channels
  • Achieve your digital performance objectives
  • Satisfy your Executive Committee
We were impressed by Synomia’s approach, which provided us with a very detailed analysis of our competitive semantic field and allows us to reposition ourselves amongst economic competitors. The teams’ capacity to simplify the most complicated of concepts is a major advantage in order to set strategic recommendations in motion.
Anne Loiseleux
Multimedia Communications Officer / Webmaster, SPIE


prise de décision <strong>stratégie de communication</strong>

Integrate an objective and rational approach to develop your communications strategy:

With Synomia :

  • Qualify and quantify your brand footprint
  • Find new areas to promote your corporate identity
  • Align your base statement with that of your target audience
  • Develop your digital media plan
  • Develop your agency with data-driven insights
We chose Synomia to conduct an audit of our brand's implemented CSR policies within a French digital ecosystem. This data was essential to break free from an often subjective image of prioritization within communication lines. Regardless of our large brief, Synomia's methodology provided us with oncrete results.
Denis Geffroy
Corporate Communications and Reputation Director, L'Occitane en Provence

Our approach for data-driven consulting

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Our approach provides you with all the elements to make faster and more straightforward decisions
conseil data-driven objectivite


Our algorithms organize data without any human bias to accurately reflect your market
conseil data-driven <strong>insights</strong>


We establish completely unexpected connections between data: discover what you didn't even know you were looking for!
conseil data-driven customer centric

Customer centric

Founded on the speech analysis of your targets, our consultations therefore ensure marketing aligned with your audience, thanks to better customer understanding.
conseil data-driven CNRS


French Tech inside! Our text analytics technology is multi-patented by the CNRS
conseil data-driven simplicite


Our approach is completely integrated into your work flow, without any modification to your organization (your IS will never be solicited!)

Data Consulting


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