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The SaaS TILE platform as reference to gain access to and make data actionable

Become data-driven and expand your business

Communications and marketing consulting agencies do more today than ever before to respond to the trying requirements that are called upon them, such as responding to pitches, creating an optimal quality production, and developing a strong brand content strategy. Responding to all of these needs are vital, yet there is now less time to accomplish them, while also requiring a well-developed knowledge of the client and the ever-specific subjects that interest its target audience.

Fortunately, consumers and, in general, the business ecosystem, made up of competing brands, media, and opinion-shapers, produce a wealth of data. One must know how to exploit this data meticulously, quickly, and simply.

The Tile platform, multi-patented by the CNRS, makes all textual data accessible and actionable to facilitate and reinforce the work quality performed by communications agencies. To win more pitches and secure your clients through optimal knowledge of their market.

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A well-thought-out platform to respond to the challenges of consulting agencies and brands

The Tile platform helps you create quality productions by addressing your diverse needs :



Brand Content



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To orient my strategy, I’d like to demonstrate that I've uncovered the diverse goals of my targets through in-depth analysis of their speech.

With the Tile platform:

  • Discover the subjects which interest and irritate your target audience
  • Identify why
The Tile platform was a valuable tool for our decision-making. Thanks to a resolutely data-driven approach which helped us refocus our strategies and assess and define our SOW, Synomia played a large role in our strengthening of business relationships with a key client.
Charles-Henry de La Londe
Account Executive, Publicis Lyon
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To write my strategic recommendation, I want to demonstrate I have a thin and deep understanding of my environment

With the Tile platform :

  • You identify which subjects are key to pre-empt, which communities are concerting towards them and the competitive state
  • You highlight the communication opportunities
Our use of Tile allows us to reach farther and move faster in our analysis of challenges. This helps us spend more time on what’s essential: strategic recommendations for our clients.
Caroline Baldeyrou
Founder, Verycontent Agency
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Brand Content

To orient my content marketing strategy, I want to demonstrate my editorial choices are right.

With the Tile platform :

  • You demonstrate, holding demand figures, that the chosen editorial choices are engaging and performing.
  • Your editorial teams are optimally and constantly driven through subjects and insights to orient your content marketing strategy.
Tile helped me identify and extract the most relevant stakeholders amongst a large span of web content to redefine the inbound and outbound brand message of my client. The teams’ availability and advice, which helped me better understand the tool, were essential in order to respond to my needs and challenges.
Laurence Houdeville
Content director, DigitasLBi
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To optimise and measure the performance of my website, I would like to identify the content to optimise and obtain the pages and key words on which we can capitalize.

With the Tile platform:

  • You identify the set of keywords on which you can capitalize or accentuate your content marketing effort.
  • You discover the pages on which you can realise inteligent linking
The Tile platform helps us to better understand our clients’ target expectations and quickly reach a level of optimal relevance, particularly on large-scale projects. Synomia's ease of use and mini-training helps one quickly understand semantic notions and swiftly identify which paths to develop.
Sébastien Bonnefoy
Associate Director, Soyuz
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In order to understand what's being said about my client or my brand, and strengthen my customer knowledge, I want to clarify my social listening results by removing any parasitic noise and synthesizing the relevant mass of verbatim.

With the Tile platform :

  • You discover the sharing reasons towards your brand or you customer's one and the relevant topics associated.
  • You discover the loving or disenchantment factors and then can qualify the feeling.

The Tile platform

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One stop shop

Combine, structure, and compare the whole of all textual data in one place. This includes external data (social media, forums, blogs, brands, opinions...) and internal data (polls and surveys, customer complaints, CRM...)
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Reveal automated insights in 24 hours on any subject of a market such as its stakeholders, communities, and key challenges. No subject is too complex for this analysis.
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CNRS - French tech

Profit from a self-teaching multi-patented technology, developed over 15 years ago with the CNRS.
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No CIO required for set-up and operations, so you may independently and simply access from your browser the SaaS platform and all your insights.
Anyone can become a Data Analyst!

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