A new market has opened recently: the exploitation of the massive amounts of data we generate daily, nearly 2.5 trillion bytes per day! This data comes in extremely varied forms and originates in many different places: messages on social networks, consumer behavior before and during online shopping, e-mails, videos posted online ... but also all kinds of offline data like CRM data or scanned documents. This groundswell of data, whose importance companies are just starting to realize, is called Big Data.


The 4 V of Big Data : Volume, Variety, Velocity, Visualization

Big Data is not just about considerable volumes of data being exchanged, but also about the variety of content, formats, endless sources, and the genuine problem of controlling the speed of data creation and update. The idea of Big Data also has two seemingly contradictory goals: to streamline and make accessible data which nevertheless exists in the millions or billions of megabytes. This is where the need for Visualization of large amounts of data comes into play, an objective with three main points:

  • Creating value
  • Discovering differentiating insights 
  • Innovating

... Whithout spending too much!

The 4 V of Big Data : Volume, Variety, Velocity, Visualization

Big Data impacts an entire enterprise and helps put the customer back at the heart of strategies

All departments are involved in the exploitation of Big Data: Marketing, Communication, Digital, Human Resources, Research, Sales, Financial, Innovation, CEO ... It brings about the end of the Top Down approach in which the brand grows its customer strategy and hopes that it is consistent with the expectations of its target. Big Data can get rid of this anxiety since it puts the consumer at the heart of any business strategy. Thus, consumer behaviors, their interests and speech generated on a large scale are aggregated and analyzed to create the strategic framework, which is by definition completely tailored to the needs and expectations of customers, and allows a brand to maximize all aspects of a company in an innovative and efficient manner.

Big Data impacts an entire enterprise and helps put the customer back at the heart of strategies

Big Data is composed of two major types of data, structured and unstructured data, which are very unequally exploited by companies

The large set of Big Data composed of structured data is now sufficiently identified and used by companies, but the same is not true of unstructured data. Indeed, it is much more difficult to exploit this type of data with requires technologies that, until now, were not sufficiently robust and powerful to carry out this difficult task. Therefore, companies are still only partially taking advantage of their Big Data, and deprive themselves of the most interesting resources; the data that can yield the differentiating insights that are so important in highly competitive market. With its unique syntactic analysis technology, Synomia aims to help companies bridge this gap by allowing them to explore and address the “dark side” of Big Data, and release a new level of business potential and performance.








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