While Synomia technology is the primary element which structures the company’s identity, the teams as well as the quality and variety of their experience transforms the technology into a strategic, operational, and comprehensible tool for all client issues.

To ensure quality services, Synomia also works with a team of collaborators with complementary skill sets in technology, marketing, and communications. Below is an overview of our teams:

 Schooling :

  • French Grandes Ecoles, Schools of Engineering (Polytechnique, Centrale Paris),
  • French Grande Ecoles and International Ivy League Business Schools (EM LYON, HEC, EDHEC, Kedge, NEOMA Business School, Columbia University),
  • French Grandes Ecoles, Schools of Communication (Celsa, Sciences Po).

 Experiences :  

  •  Entrepreneurship (co-founder of Omnicom),
  •  Academia (CNRS laboratory research),
  •  Communications agencies (BETC, DDB, BBDO...),
  •  Strategic consulting (McKinsey),
  •  Large corporations (Sony, Reebok…).

Synomia also has on its team a pool of methodical, meticulous, and devoted Data Analysts, committed to excellence, and accustomed to getting to the heart of each data analysis to make each personally and fully understandable, shared, and finally worth its value. Our analysts are dedicated to guiding you throughout the whole process, until its implementation!


Philippe-AitYahia Philippe Aït Yahia Co-Founder – Associate

Co-Founder of Omnicom, Telecom operator, went public and then sold to the American company GTS in 1999, Co-founder of Synomia in 2000. He graduated from EM Lyon Business School.

    Maurice-NdiayeMaurice NdiayeAssociate - Director of development

    Former consultant for McKinsey & Company and Business Development Manager with The Triana Group in New York. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences-Po Paris, and Columbia University.

    • Phone: +33 (0)1 46 10 06 42

    Didier-BourigaultDidier BourigaultAssociate - Chief Data Scientist

    Research fellow for CNRS. He graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris with a PhD in Computational Linguistics (EHESS), with accreditation to supervise research.

      Aurelie-GoursonAurélie Perret GoursonAssociate - Administration, Finance and Human Resources Manager

      Prior Key Account Manager for Reebok, customer services and marketing campaign manager for Adiv. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Master's degree in Management.

        Nicolas-AndreNicolas AndréAssociate - Chief Data Planning

        Prior Assistant General Manager and supervisor of digital and social media at TBWA Corporate. He holds a Master’s degree in Ethnology and a DEES (European diploma of further studies) in Analysis of Organizations from Paris X

        • Phone: +33 (0)1 46 20 52 46

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