A groundswell only recently adapted to the market: the drive to tap into the massive amount of around 2.5 trillion bytes of textual data we create daily! This extremely varied data originates from multiple sources: social media messages, customer behaviors determined from before and after online purchase orders, sent emails, videos published online, as well as many types of offline sources such as CRM data or digitized documents. This groundswell, of which companies are beginning to understand its strategic importance, is called Big Data.

The 4 Vs of Big Data: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Visualization

Big Data is not just considerable volumes of exchanged data, but also consists of a variety of infinite content, formats, and sources, and is a true controlling challenge for velocity that arises with data creation and updates. Moreover, Big Data draws contrast between two theoretically contradictory necessities: streamlining and rendering millions or even billions of data accessible... This therefore requires optimal and adapted Visualization of this data for actionable Big Data exploitation, resting on three final objectives:

  • Creating Value
  • Drawing differentiated insights
  • Innovation

… all at a moderate cost!

Big Data 4V



Big Data deeply influences any company and brings consumer behavior and a understanding of the customer to the heart of all company strategies.

The sectors which profit from Data exploitation: Marketing, Communications, Digital, Human Resources, Research, Sales, Finance, Innovation, General Management... Finished is the Top-down approach where the Brand pushes its company strategy towards the consumer, while hoping that this coincides with the needs of its targets. A data-driven strategy, through data analytics, eradicates anxiety as it places the consumer at the heart of the company strategy. Large-scale production of consumer behavior, interests, and open discussion is therefore aggregated and analyzed to create this famous company strategy, which becomes fully adapted to customer wants and needs, and helps the Brand improve all its company focuses in an innovative and performance-based manner.

Big Data stratégie d'entreprise


Unstructured and structured forms of Big Data are unequally exploited by companies

While most Big Data composed of structured data is today relatively easily identified and used in company strategies, unstructured data has yet to make its debut. Indeed, it is much more difficult to exploit this type of data, as it requires technology which hasn't until just recently been powerful or sturdy enough to properly take on this heavy task. As a result, companies today are still very limited in their exploitation of unstructured data and are deprived of diverse insights and the understanding of consumer behavior, which is the most interesting and important information in such competitive markets. Armed with its unique semantic analytics technology, Synomia is a big data agency which aims to help companies bridge this gap by providing them with the opportunity to explore and process the “hidden side” of Big Data, thus opening doors to new business and performance potential.

Big Data données non-structurées





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