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Didier Bourigault, Research fellow for CNRS. He graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris with a PhD in Computational Linguistics (EHESS), with accreditation to supervise research.  



Synomia possess a completely unique and innovative technology which makes unstructured data exploitation accessible to any company.  

Researchers involved in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, or Text Mining develop sophisticated algorithms for automatic text processing. However, these findings never reach the large industrial scale, due to weakness of processing speed, insufficient coverage, and mediocre reliability.

In partnering with the CNRS, Synomia has acquired a completely innovative text analytics technology, resulting from research which made such technological breakthroughs that use of this kind of tool within both an industrial and sales context is now finally permitted. This technology is based on the output of a syntactic analytics algorithm. Synomia's syntactic analyzer (or parser) identifies all syntactic relationships (subject, object, complement, epithet, modifier, etc.) within all sentences of the analyzed text corpora. The output of this analysis creates a terminological network which reveals the conceptual structure of expressed knowledge within the text corpora.

Contrary to syntactic market tools which require the user to personally program extraction regulations in order to work and therefore necessitate a precise idea on behalf of the user of what to search for, the Synomia analyzer allows the user to discover the intrinsic content of the objectively analyzed text corpora. Thanks to its unique skill set, Synomia renders exploitation of unstructured data accessible to all companies, and allows the Synomia Data Analyst to steer away from focusing on data collection and concentrate on data exploitation and drawing diverse consumer insights.


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